Scaling is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days.

Go 10X. Go 100X.

Scaling is not for everyone, but it’s certainly an idea that appeals to some business owners.

But, why scale? What’s the point? Especially if you’re a small business owner?

Let’s explore by looking at scaling through the lens of culture, codes, values and practices.

Culture, Codes, Value and Practices

At its core, all businesses have a culture. The culture comes with a code. Together the culture and code come into being and people create value. Value is whatever people agree is valuable (at any given moment in time) and it is literally the purpose of true business activity. Without value creation, production and protection, no true business is possible. Finally, that value requires practices to be continually created, maintained and generated. Without practice value disappears — POOF!

Let’s dive into this further…

You may be asking, why is culture important to scaling my business? 


At its baseline, culture is a mechanism for ensuring survival. Without culture, you and I don’t survive and the game is over. Culture is also the overriding mechanism that trumps all business strategy, tactics and plans. In fact, culture drives the thinking (whether examined or unexamined) behind all strategy, tactics and plans. Of course, it is possible to create and live inside of cultures beyond survival, but not everyone plays the game of business that way – or is even aware that such a thing exists – but, out of sheer necessity that’s changing rapidly. What’s interesting is that business enables the ability to enter and participate in a culture beyond survival because businesses are value creating and producing engines, and, as a result, they can process the abundance of the world without overloading any one particular individual. In this way, businesses can produce an excess and have more than enough to handle its needs and the market it provides value for.


Next, let’s look at codes. Why are codes integral to scaling my business? 

Codes are the behavioural instructions of a particular culture at the level of an individual. Eg. “Grow always” or “Only work with what you have” are examples of such codes. Codes give people behaviour so that they are able to survive – and, if they choose, go beyond it. There are two fundamental codes: there are codes of individuals operating as individuals (lone-wolves, solopreneurs, those who lose their individuality in a group) and those individuals operating as teams within organizations with no loss of individuality. In other words, those individuals that do not lose their sense of who they are as individuals – and can fully give their best within teams, groups and organizations. Unfortunately, most people have not reached this level, and as a result businesses (whether they like it or not) are now required to build structures for people to move up and adopt codes that can enable them to maintain their sense of self and at the same time play full-out within teams. 


So why is value integral to scaling? Like we said above, value is the purpose of why business exists. Value is what people agree is needed right now. Without identifying value that can be created and produced for many people, but more realistically for a mass group of people, scaling is not truly possible. Scaling, by its nature, requires volume of potential transactions so that an abundance of value can be shared with a mass group of people.


Finally, there are practices. This is where the rubber hits the road. Practice is an action and without action nothing happens. Practice is also a very specific kind of action in that it enables ongoing improvements to any structure or system. Without practice life and business is bland and boring. Practice is what enables value to be generated ongoingly inside of a certain code and culture.

Scaling your business

So when you think about scaling as a small business owner think in terms of the kind of culture you want to create for the people within your business and those external to it. With that being said, we recommend going beyond survival so you can go for prosperity and truly thrive. Then, systematize that culture with codes that people can choose with their own volition to create an unstoppable juggernaut of value creation, production, protection – and ultimately perpetuation. Because, if you do it right, the culture you create now will extend far beyond your lifetime and impact future generations – and create your legacy – which is the ultimate point of scaling. Leaving your mark with the life you lived. And, the remarkable thing is that you can do it as a small business owner. 

So, create a culture that has codes embedded into it that encourages growth and scaling. Share it with the world. Make it open source. Attract those people that are ready to participate in your game. Finally, watch value get created naturally in the process of life itself.

Are you willing to play at the next level?

If so, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to discuss your pathway.