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Building the next generation of business leaders

Building the next generation of business leaders

By Robert Chun and Julian Wojczynski

Our society as we know it seems to run on efficiency at the expense of effectiveness since 1980s; speed at the expense of direction since the ’90s; mindlessness at the expense of awareness recently. It is because we are changing so fast? Maybe.

The culture of society is one that is hard-wired for survival, as far as we can tell. It is a culture that uses the strategy of change to implement more “meaningful” change. In turn, that only creates more and more change– although nothing substantial. Yet, we try the same strategy over and over again getting the same result.

This is the definition of insanity. It is as if there is something missing from our social structure and we attempt to make things “right” by using more of what we have and being faster, but this approach makes things even worse.

Your Missing Link to Business

So what is the solution? To acknowledge the parts that are missing around us and provide the missing ingredients – either by being that yourself – or by being a part in creating that which is missing, thereby making everything whole and complete.

So, what’s missing in the world today? 

We believe certain types of people are missing from society. And those are people who can think and have a certain awareness of what it takes to live and create on top of the survival paradigm that has been passed down for generations. 

What are other key characteristics of these people? We say, these people: 

  1. Listen
  2. Move in and out of points of view, without reaction or loss of presence
  3. Take on learning as a lifestyle and can be tolerant of other knowledge
  4. Operate from systems and wholeness 
  5. Integrate the fragmented parts of things and people around them
  6. Possess creativity, and can generate and build something from nothing
  7. Create value with one another
  8. Think from the viewpoint of a whole humanity
  9. Can be with their emotions and humanity. In other words, they can completely accept being a human being – and not be limited by it
  10. Are present to their emotions, process it, but not be chained by them
  11. Know they matter in this world just because
  12. Live from a viewpoint where each person counts, contributes, prospers and makes a difference here in the town, community, and the world they live
  13. Are conscious, powerful and wealthy in every way
  14. Possess the imagination to see more and want more
  15. Lead by a vision of a better tomorrow — without  giving in or giving up
  16. Can take on positive, impossible projects that radically alter the future of humanity – like fixing the planetary environment and ending world hunger 
  17. Are aware that language, definitions, and alignment are the civilizing force for us all
  18. Work on updating our culture to build systems that care about individual human beings

These people are the next generation of the world’s business leaders. In a perfect world, these people should be abundant and everywhere but our society seems to be designed to develop people who are not like them. As a result, we have found that these types of people are not easy to find. A world built purely for survival does not require such people – or does it?

In actuality, these people account for less than 1% of the global population and are often marginalized and displaced by our culture – with only a small fraction of them fully realizing their potential – as builders of futures and realities beyond the prevailing reality.

We say, these types of people are glitches in the “matrix” of society. Not many are required for society to run but what a difference they make when they are fully utilized!

While they are not required for immediate survival needs of our species, they cause, create, generate, support and maintain our evolution. This is not easy work, but from our point of view it is the work that is worthwhile and life-giving.

One of our intentions as a company is to be a sorting mechanism for finding and developing these kinds of business leaders. As a result, we are able to produce results that would be impossible for other firms because we are able to recognize the diamond in the rough as it were.

Advancing The Field of Business

At Business Training Pro and RSC Business Group (the business group we belong to) we have been using the field of business as a training ground to have more of these kinds of leaders and builders in communities globally. To date, we have found about three out of about 250 that have come through our organization in the past 15 years. Over thirty years, we have found, nurtured and developed seven such people.

This type of business leader takes a long time to mature, and therefore they may never be given the chance to fully develop. It takes an average of 15 years for such individuals to reach their full potential and most businesses do not have neither the patience nor finances to develop them. But, the result is worth the wait.

Are you one of these types of business leaders we’ve detailed in this article? If so, we are looking for you.

Do you want to be? You can, but it takes work. Are you willing to do what it takes?

If so, the world needs you.






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