BTP Business Assessment Overview

The BTP Business Assessment™ is our way of discovering how your business is operating in the present moment and what it will require to operate the way you want it to.

The BTP Business Assessment™ is designed for the Owner and/or Ownership Team including the CEO, COO and CFO of the organization.

The BTP Business Assessment™ is NOT designed to "fix" a "broken" business as we do not believe a business is ever broken – or that there is a "perfect" business out there. Its purpose is to clearly understand the operational components of your business right now and identify the components that need to be added to make the machinery of your business work better – so that You as the Owner can work less, reduce stress and ultimately create more value for your market.

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At Business Training Pro™ we have 3 levels to the Business Assessment.

The 3 Levels cater to businesses at distinct levels of development.

This includes: 

  1. Complimentary Business Assessment for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and New Businesses – FREE
    1. 30 Minutes
  2. Preliminary Business Assessment for Owners and Founders of Rapidly Growing Businesses – $997
    1. 1 Hour per Founder/Core Team Member
  3. Comprehensive Business Assessment for Expanding and Established Businesses – $2997
    1. Custom timeline based on the size of the business

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At the completion of the Business Assessment, we will schedule a Report of Findings which is a customized report full of opportunities and areas in which specific actions can cause a tremendous impact in the way your business is conducted.

Areas of conversation include:

  1. How your business runs currently
  2. Your needs
  3. Your challenges
  4. Proposed upgrades
  5. Specific Action Steps

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