Who We Are

We are a network of evolutionary business people committed to the building of harmonious business organizations. As a network, we augment what’s already present by linking systems and connecting resources to produce effective results in time. We are builders, coaches, consultants, managers, executives, owners and advisors with specialised skills in navigating, systematizing and scaling business organizations for non-linear expansion.

Collectively, it is our intent to make a powerful and positive impact in the communities we belong to through Evolutionary Organizational Design.

What We Do

We train and develop individuals and organizations for effectiveness, such that we can produce more with less, by doing more of the right things over time.

Our External Mission: Promise to Our Community

Business Training Pro, as a member of RSC Business Group, is a global network that makes a powerful, positive impact locally and internationally. We live from the intention of building a better world.

Inside of this intent we provide:

  • Coaching and consulting
  • Design, training, support, education, information, systems, and methodologies that benefit all who work with us.

We create, nurture, and develop groups, companies, businesses, and enterprises — supporting and reinforcing the Operative Knowledge and integrative cultures that make everything possible.

While we have many roles as catalyst, consultant, coach, educator, developer, manager, executive, advisor, investor and integrator:

  • We create, build and develop businesses, organizations, companies and groups that make a difference in this world
  • We cause, create, design, build, partner, and maintain organizations that have a continuous positive global reach and impact through training, access and participation
  • We maintain pathways of choice, freedom, growth, wealth and opportunity for all

Collectively, we are a path of financial independence, wealth, awareness, partnership and freedom. All of those who participate shall benefit from our organization’s intent, effortlessly and decisively, experiencing constant growth and fulfillment.

Through each interaction, we serve humanity and the world in the most positive of ways.

"Through each interaction, we serve humanity and the world in the most positive of ways."

Our Vision: Our promise for the future

In our world,

  • Individuals are uplifted to upgrade the organizations to which they belong.
  • Individuals freely participate inside of organizations without loss of presence.
  • Individuals have the capacity to invent capacities such that a whole and complete contribution occurs inside of teams, companies, organizations and groups.
  • Individuals participate in organizations from choice, as a free selection.
  • Individuals are empowered with systems level awareness.
  • Organizations are designed to be continually upgrade-able.
  • Harmony arises naturally in the process of uplifting individuals to upgrade organizations, and ultimately, in the process of life itself.

Our Values

We practice, live from and embody the following Core Values:

that which wholeheartedly guides us to clarity in direction, coherence in communication and harmony in interaction such that we effortlessly actualize all of our promises.

that which we work with to make our individual and collective dream reality happen.

that which we are given after doing work authentically, fully and completely

that which we generate through the integration of harmonious synergy, synchronistic creativity and pure collaboration.

that which activates the capability to do whole and complete work by being whole and complete with our word.

that which we acquire through the continual application of knowledge by being in action.

Our Methodology

Our Methodology has been adopted from RSC Business Group – the business group we belong to headquartered in Los Angeles, California. This methodology is a synthesis of over 30 years experience, and is based on successfully working with over 1500 entrepreneurs and business owners.

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Business as Integrated System

Produces Results

While every business (and every individual) is unique, we believe that all businesses have common components, operating as an integrated system. Much like you, if one part is getting exactly what it requires (nutrition for example) then you function well. You feel great and are able to produce results. The same is true for business. We don’t fix a business; we don’t believe anything is broken – ever. All we do is look for what is missing, and add it. Ultimately, this is effective (we get to do more of the right thing) allowing you to produce the result you want, on demand through the process of integration – making your organization whole and complete.

Evolutionary Organizational Design and Proactive Coaching Activations

Implementation through Partnership

We believe in design, being proactive and coaching activations that train you for clarity, effectiveness and efficiency over time. We build a partnership with you through follow up, check in and managing your progress, thereby being more effective in our ability to produce results. Naturally, in the course of life itself, this approach allows us to build strategies, create solutions and invent pathways for you to succeed.

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Enhancing What is Present

Enhancing people’s strengths

Our methodology is unique as we work with people just the way they are. We believe that individuals do not need to change to produce results. While others seek efficiency and cost savings through business re-engineering, we use processes and procedures to augment people’s performance. We believe in effectiveness and efficiency.

Process Driven

Your experience is managed

We believe any result can be reproduced, provided there is a documented process to follow. Being process driven allows us to manage people’s experience as we move through change and ambiguity, ensuring that the experience is managed according to your needs and conditions.

Meet The Team

Julian Wojczynski

Leads the Company

Iffy Kazim

Runs the Company

Robert S. Chun

Business Advisor

What People Are Saying

“It has been a real pleasure and honour working with Julian and Iffy. Their depth of understanding business structures and how to grow and run organizations has really made a difference for us. Some of the main areas of progress are hiring and managing employees and their expectations. Building processes and procedures organically with the employees help. Organizing the business for maximum capacity such as putting in structures that help move sales faster. Understanding the C-Level roles and activating the executives into their proper roles. All of the business knowledge and aid was fantastic and hard to put a price on the value we got. However, the greatest value we received was to reconnect with our internal “Asset” –  ourselves. eThe unseen value of BTP is the removal of the overwhelm and stress of life while expanding our thinking capacity with the revolutionary breathing techniques that Julian has brought in and mixed into the executive culture. This resulted in eradicating arguments and misunderstandings between the partners and we are now able to quickly align and create our business more powerfully. The peace of mind and confidence we now have is invaluable. Business Training PRO has revolutionized our business by revolutionizing the leadership within our corporate culture and deploying our most valuable assets.”

Jair CayetanoCEO, Merchantocracy

“I embarked on my Life Design journey in mid-July of this year (2017). After chatting with Julian a few times prior, I had certain expectations set in my mind about the course curriculum and what I hoped to gain. Let’s say I was cautiously optimistic with regards to the outcome. Now that I’ve completed the full 12 weeks, I’m happy to say it met and exceeded my expectations entirely. I now have a concrete plan in place to achieve my personal and business goals for the immediate future and beyond. Julian has provided me with the tools and visualization techniques to make my vision for life a reality. Not only is he a great coach, Julian exemplifies Life Design completely, he really practices what he preaches. Having a mentor that walks the walk allows you to see what is possible within yourself. I have nothing but kind things to say about Julian; his enthusiasm, zest for life and business mentoring is truly an inspiration. Thanks for taking me on this journey and leaving me with a real strategy for achieving my goals, can’t wait to make this dream a reality ;)”

Shaffin HajiC.Ped.(C), Design4Balance
Business Training Pro has provided personalized business coaching that has brought me incredible results in my life and my new business. I simply could not have achieved these gains on my own. I now have momentum and that sense of accomplishment that comes from setting and achieving weekly goals that are important to me . I know the progress I've made is because I am working with Julian and his team instead of working alone - their coaching is customized for me and together we set a framework that moves me forward. They are expert at identifying limiting thought and behaviour patterns and I have made real breakthroughs. I am finally translating my entrepreneurial passions into real-world actions. Business Training Pro has a vast array of tools and support structures that are very effective and they bring energy, a laser focus on YOU and a no-nonsense approach. Their business knowledge and coaching techniques far surpass other types of coaching I have experienced. The value of having them on my team has been really amazing. They will challenge you in many ways. The results and gains you can make are very real. I am now crafting the life and business that I was meant to have and to do. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Julian and his team !
Kevin MarrinCEO, VetGo Inc.

I'm shifting so much. I am blessed to have you in my Life. I have Clarity and a sense of Trust in my Self, I haven't experienced before. It's a knowing... Even though things are what they are at the moment. I have a great feeling for what is coming up.

Virginia GeisserCEO, The V Productions Group, Inc.

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Julian.  Every session has been a major upgrade for me and my business. I have learned to use agreements as a way of making a promise to myself that I will put what I have learned into practice.  As a result - I am able to make better decisions towards my finances, manage all of my time wisely around my projects, and doing what I love while helping other businesses thrive."

Analyn B.Founder, WebKitty

“Thank you for all your help Julian. I don’t know where I’d be without it. I think I would be stuck on so many things that I probably would have never even figured it out.”

Brandon CesaroneCEO, Ceno Studios

"Just wanted to say that it was fabulous talking to you and I'm excited to further implement your guidance.  I find this information to be so very positive and powerful."

David MuntnerFounder, David Harris LLC

“When I first met Julian, I had 33,000 unopened emails, I was 18k in debt and I hadn’t taken a paycheck from my company in 6 months. I was living in survival working odd serving job to make ends meet. I was able to scrape together enough money to afford his coaching, and within 3 months, I had secured a dream job, negotiated a 5 figure exit and put together an actionable plan to pay off my debt. Now a year later, I have more money than I ever have, replaced myself off the front lines, and feel more confident than ever in the direction I’m going. This confidence has spilled over into my personal life and relationships.”

Harrison SingerSinger Advertising, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of attending The Business Executive Training with Julian and Iffy in June 2017. Prior to the training I didn't know what my purposes in business, how I was going to start my own business, and how I could show up in meetings powerfully confident. After the training I gained a massive upgrade, I learned I was operating like a frontline worker, how to think like a true executive, a step by step formula of how to build a successful business and how to use my breath manage my internal state and mind. As a result, I was offered a better position then what I had initially interviewed for and I am now developing my own business - I can't wait to make tons of money doing what I love! Thank you Business Training Pro team!”

Christina GalieFounder

Intern with Us