Your old Phone Deserves a Second Life

Your old smart phone (and laptop) deserves a second life!!! (And not end up in a landfill)

Do you have an old phone (or laptop) sitting around collecting dust?

Give it a second life in Africa.
Your phone (or laptop) deserves it – and so do the people in Africa.
Africa is the world’s garbage dump for e-waste. Read here ( and here (

C’mon… what a mess!!! (Yea, we know). It sucks – and it’s doesn’t have to.
Let’s put an end to that now!!!

You can make a HUGE difference by giving your old smart phone (or laptop) a second life!!!
A smart phone is a bridge to the world – and with the average person making $100 per month buying a $1000 smart phone is simply out of the average person’s reach.

Business Training Pro’s affiliate company in Africa will make sure the phones will go to a qualified individual who will use it effectively. Each person who will receive a phone will make a video about how they are using it and how it is making a difference for them.

Our target is to use the old smart phones to help people get jobs, make more money or kickstart a business within our ecosystem.

We will track the life of your phone in Africa and share a video update for how your phone is making a difference for the person using it.

How it works?
We need the phone (or laptop) to be in good condition. If it has small cracks (or wear and tear scratches) that’s totally fine!!
We accept either Android or iPhones.
You can donate as many as you want.
If you want to donate you have 3 options…
  1. You can drop it off at our Toronto location near Casa Loma.
  2. We come to you to pick it up (within GTA).
  3. We send you a Post-Paid package so you can simply put your phone into the package and mail it to us (free of charge for you)

For more information please contact the Project Lead, Julian Wojczynski at