BTP Organic Business Coaching™

Do you have a vision to make an impact with your business? Do you dream of serving 10X more people but are bogged down by day-to-day activities managing your current business level? Do you wish you could free yourself up and take on the vision you were meant to fulfill?

BTP Organic Business Coaching™ is a process-driven coaching system that enables virtually any small business owner to progressively implement a complete set of systems to reach their next level of operations while accounting for evolutionary aspects of growth not typically addressed in traditional coaching and consulting models.

Depending on client requirements, this coaching system provides weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions, and goes above and beyond traditional corporate consulting models that stretch a business beyond what it can typically afford.

By spreading the cost over several months or, in some cases years, small business owners can progressively implement the systems they require without the need for rapid restructuring or change management initiatives – thus enabling a seamless transition from one level to the next.

Through Organic Business Coaching™, start-up business organizations and small businesses intending to scale beyond their current size, structure and form.

In BTP Organic Business Coaching you will:

1. Develop your capacity to navigate the field of business as an operational domain

2. Systematize your business through simple, easy-to-do process-flows and procedures that makes the results of your business predictable

3. Scale your operation so you can reach new markets

This Service is ideal for:

1. Business owners who want to make a bigger impact

2. Business owners who want to build their next level of operation

3. Business owners who want to effectively replace themselves at their current level of operations

Ready to grow your business with us?