BTP Business Executive Training™

Regardless of where you are in the game of business, the BTP Business Executive Training™ (BET) will deepen your know-why, know-when and know-how of business systems while giving you direct access into time and money freedom.

  • Do you have a calling for making a difference through business?
  • Do you struggle with organizing yourself beyond your individual capacity?
  • Are you ready to build your business and reach for the pinnacle of organizational success?

The BET system has been successfully applied for over 30 years in hundreds of companies in a full spectrum range of industries and was originally created by Master Business Coach, Robert S. Chun, the Founder of RSC Business Group.

The team at Business Training Pro™ developed the original design and integrated additional components for the purpose of enabling and boosting adaptability as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality proliferates our world.

Its' unique design gives you the necessary knowledge and practical brain training skills to effectively face and solve any business challenge or condition.

While it is not an MBA program, we have been told it is “equivalent to an intensive MBA program and 40 years of experience in a bottle.”

Naturally, we are appreciative of the praise, but we do not believe anything can ever replace real life experience. Nevertheless, a good education can prepare you for the things to come.


  • Access business as a system for making a difference in the world
  • Learn how to run a business operationally
  • Become aware of the “Mindset Patterns” of a Successful Executive
  • Get to the core of what it takes to build a company that can withstand Organic Geometric Growth
  • Learn to leverage multiple Levels of Labor
  • Become aware of what it takes to master Soft Skills
  • Build your business with a Whole and Complete Organizational Structure
  • Ascertain what it takes to reach the summit of Organizational Success
  • Distinguish the codes for being a Wealthy Human Being
  • Leverage Psychographic, Demographic and Biometric Data for Organizational Growth
  • Be trained to use Levers and Dials in a whole new way to run your Business
  • Plan for growth in an Imperfect World and account for unpredictable situations
  • Recognize the traits of people who are needed to take your Business to the next level
  • Be clear about what drives people and their actions
  • Work with and supervise people effectively

  • Business Executive Training™ BENEFITS:
    • Removing the complexity of business
    • Understanding business systems from a top-down perspective
    • Growing your business as a simple repeatable process
    • Never getting stuck by understanding organizational flows
    • Communicating coherently with people from all walks of life
    • Having a resourceful relationship with money
    • Having effective personal and business relationships


  • The Business Executive Training is ideal for:
    • Business people who want to work less and make more money
    • Business Owners who intend to replace themselves out of the day-to-day operation of their business
    • Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to new markets
    • Business Owners seeking effective succession
  • The Business Executive Training also attracts:
    • Professionals who want to transition into the world of business and entrepreneurship
    • Students who are interested in learning how businesses work

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