What to expect from an executive coaching program

In this article we will deep dive into what to expect when taking an executive coaching program.

Qualifying for an executive coaching program

First of all, not everyone qualifies for an executive coaching program.

At a basic level to qualify you need to be either an executive at a company or a business owner who wants to develop themselves as an executive in their own company – this is referred to as being an Owner-Executive. Our company specializes in developing Owner-Executives.

Whether you are an executive at a larger organization or you are an Owner and want to develop yourself into an Owner-Executive at your own company what you need to recognize is that to be an executive takes heart, courage and genuinely care for people in your company.

Being an executive means you are a leader and you are up to something – in other words, there is a vision you see and it is your mission to share that future with others. 

When you are an executive you recognize your future has no chance of happening if you don’t share it. So, as a result, you get to be the person in your company that talks about things that do not yet exist. You get to be the one that consistently communicates your vision to others so that it has a chance of happening. Naturally, this requires a certain kind of person as not everyone is comfortable talking about things that don’t yet exist.

Second of all, executives are people that do not do the work – that is to say, management or the work of incremental growth based on past results. And, they certainly don’t do the front-line work. So… what do executives do? They think about the future, plan for the future and organize the company to make the future happen. Executives live and operate inside of future moments in time. Executives set things in motion and synchronize with how things unfold. Trained executives direct the unfolding once they set things in motion. They can operate inside of flux and have the presence, charisma and processing power to turn uncertainty into certainty for those below in their organization.

What to expect from the process of executive coaching

So, what else can I expect once I begin an executive coaching program?

You can expect to:

  1. Be related to as someone that can manage themselves exceptionally well
  2. Be given the opportunity to be a source of accountability for yourself and your company
  3. Be a leader in your company by performing executive-level functions eg. Thinking, planning and organizing
  4. Lead teams effectively by directing the unfolding of events
  5. Stabilize chaos and uncertainty with your presence
  6. Translate your vision and mission into spontaneous positive outcomes
  7. Go beyond your past successes and failures
  8. Reimagine who you are in relationship to your future Self and company
  9. Do your best work
  10. Be unstoppable in making the future show up

What it takes to be in an executive coaching program is simple and challenging to execute.

You have to be willing to do the work to give your company a future, handle the present condition, stabilize any chaos, and ensure your company is viable, profitable and solvent as you patiently do the work to build the next version of your company.

What results you are expected to produce

The results you are expected to produce is whatever you say you want to produce. An executive coach will be there to clarify your objectives, targets and promises and will make you aware of actions, behaviours and ways of operating that are inconsistent with whatever results you want to produce.

Find out more

If you’re interested in an executive coaching program please take a moment to write down the answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you an executive at a larger organization? Or an Owner wanting to learn how to operate as an executive in their own company?
  2. What is your vision? Is it documented? How often do you share it?
  3. If you had a magic wand, what would you say is your ideal future 5 years from now?
  4. How many people are in your company currently?
  5. How many people will you need to add to your company to make your future happen?

Once you have answered the above questions to your satisfaction, please contact us to schedule a time. We’ll be happy to answer any further questions you may have.