Why is BET the best course for business owners in Toronto?

When you type in Business Course Toronto in Google search what comes up?  A whole list of course offerings within post-secondary institutions.  But that may not be for you.  You, as a business owner may be at a point in your business’ life where you want more education without the hassle of spending months learning or even having to go back to school.  Other business courses offered privately are usually targeted towards specific areas of your business, such as marketing, sales and finances.

What if we could solve that problem for you, at the fraction of the cost of having to go to a college or university?  What if you could do a course that provided access to all the knowledge and tools that you would need to excel at your business? And, what if you could do that over a weekend?

We have THE ANSWER for you.

It’s the only program in Toronto that has been described by business owners as an MBA over a weekend.

What makes this course so great? You might ask. Well, let me tell you.

The Business Executive Training (also known as BET) is specifically designed for business owners and includes an integrated approach that allows a business to apply the tools and knowledge learnt within for success. Its unique design gives you the necessary knowledge and practical brain training skills to effectively face and solve any business challenge or condition. The BET is holistic – it addresses all aspects of your business. It’s integrative, that is, the knowledge is easily and immediately applicable to your business NOW. It provides clarity to business owners.

It’s the course you wish you had done when you first started your business – however, this course is designed so that it can be done at any stage of business whether you are starting out or well into your business. It is an operating manual for business owners regardless of the type of business. The training you will get here is applicable in your business immediately.

It’s a consulting level course at a small business level price, and the course is taught by a master business coach.

In this course you will learn:

  1. To leverage the best abilities of others effectively.
  2. What it takes to move from one level of your business to the next level.
  3. What is required to scale your business.
  4. How to effectively train, supervise and work with employees
  5. Why certain people (clients, employees, vendors, etc.) behave the way they do.
  6. How to take the emotionality out of your finances and have clear actions according to where your finances are at any given time.
  7. How to sell without selling.

This list is only the tip of the iceberg.  There is much more content that will be covered in this course.

Some of our past BET participants have said the following about the course:

  • “This course showed me how to think outside of the box for each department. I was able to re-imagine my business inside of this inspiring technology.”
  • “The BET accelerated my business’ development – what I thought would take 5 years to do is already happening.”
  • “It provided a pathway/roadmap to where I wanted to go. It gave practical, hands-on knowledge and skill that I could apply immediately to my business.”

If you are interested in finding out more about this business course, please contact us.  Our next course is coming up in the beginning of June 2021.  We would love to see you there.