Aurelia is a Sales Executive, Sales Consultant, Recruiter, and Owner and Co-Founder of multiple businesses.

In the past 8 years Aurelia has predominantly worked in sales positions in various companies. Her particular interest in Entrepreneurship, and working with start-ups and small to medium size businesses makes her well suited for the work at Business Training Pro.

Aurelia is most interested and inspired by a world that works for each and every human being. She sees first-hand the societal benefits of a bottom-up approach that empowers employees, and although it can be counter intuitive, she sees how this approach promotes healthier and more profitable companies. Aurelia is very selective about the products and services she sells and has always stood behind them. Her priority is making sure customers get exactly what they want and are happy with the product.

Aurelia completed her Honours in Sociology at McMaster University.

Activate My Future is a workshop created to dive into what it takes to consciously design your life from the ground up.

We will introduce our powerful framework that will save you years of unnecessary frustration, struggle and effort in your quest to design your life as your masterpiece.

If you want to live life on purpose inside of a vision that lights you up this workshop is for you.

During the workshop you will be introduced to the GOALS Activation Technology™ designed to target your focus and imagination for your ideal future.

“It has long since to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” –Leonardo Da Vinci
Therefore, things are either a) happening to you or b) you are happening to things.

Who This Is For:

  • People who love Accomplishment and Growth
  • Creators who are unwilling to compromise their Vision
  • Sales Professionals who want to achieve their next level of income
  • Self-Employed individuals who want to work less and produce more
  • Career Professionals who desire more out of their busy lives
  • Overworked entrepreneurs seeking work/life balance








For questions inquire please contact:
Aurelia Jusyte (647) 551-9595