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Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformation of your business, helping you not only to succeed in your business but also to thrive personally and professionally.

We are building a better world through business.


Iffy Kazim

Iffy Kazim has been a business coach and consultant since 2006. Prior to that she was practicing Civil Engineering in the city of Toronto.

Since 2006 Iffy has helped over 250 companies with various growth issues in their businesses. Her specialization lies in Operations Management. She has worked with business owners to ensure that their operations are running smoothly. Her business coaching clients have come from varied fields, such as, health, real estate, hospitality, architecture and manufacturing.

Iffy’s mission is to provide people with the best possible experience of themselves and their businesses and to have them shine at what they do. Her job is to make sure business owners and executives are doing what they are meant to do rather than spending their valuable time doing other people’s tasks.

Currently Iffy actively runs 3 businesses, which includes her coaching business, a costuming company and a brain training company.

She resides in Toronto, Canada with her family.

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