What our clients say about us

”Hey Julian & Iffy, I wanted to thank you for how much you've impacted my life, and my business. You’ve given me confidence, clarity and tools that I was missing for growing my business with integrity. I tell everyone I come across, Business Executive Training is a program that every entrepreneur should take. Thank you for the continuing support in developing my business. I look forward to, and enjoy our conversations every time we meet. You guys are awesome :)”

- Rigo G. - Orbit Web

”Couldn't recommend this course (the Business Executive Training) enough. Before taking this course I knew I was the bottleneck of my business and didn't know how to move forward, I was very frustrated. Julian and Iffy customised the executive program like it was speaking directly to me. They identified what my problems were and actionable steps on how to the next level. I can't count the amount of times I had aha! moments. Truly amazing. If you are just starting out or further down the journey of business, just do yourself the favor and get started right away with them. You are saving years of time.”

- Robert K.

”I never realized that an initial interaction through LinkedIn would change the overall speed and development of my business.

In Fall 2019 I took time off from my business because of burn out. I needed time to step back from everything and go within. Near the end of that time, Julian reached out through LinkedIn. I loved his initial approach through his message. By December 2019 I reached out, fully ready to get back into action. I responded to Julian and agreed to do a 30 min consultation call with him.


I started with Business Training Pro’s Business Navigation Course. I wish I knew about it long

ago. It gave me a really clear idea of where my business was, where the gaps were, and what is required to scale my business to where I’ve always envisioned it to be. I did all my assignments very thoroughly because my goal was and still is to learn as much as I need in order to reach my business goals.

In 5 months I went from being a solopreneur realizing there is a ceiling because I am only one person, to developing an International Internship Program to train people how to work with me in my company so we can grow as a team. Big Kicker is, without Julian and BTP’s expertise, I might have taken 3-5 more years to reach this level on my own.

I recommend Julian, Iffy and the whole BTP team to anyone looking to move their business to the next level, no matter what level your business is currently at.

Now I am in BTP’s Pre-Executive Business Council Program to prepare for the Business

Executive Training coming up in October 2020.

Thank you Julian, Iffy and everyone else at BTP.”

- Kelly E. - KellyKinetix

”I simply could not have achieved these gains on my own. I now have momentum and that sense of accomplishment that comes from setting and achieving weekly goals that are important to me . I know the progress I’ve made is because I am working with Julian and his team instead of working alone. They are experts at identifying limiting thoughts and behaviour patterns and I have made real breakthroughs. I am finally translating my entrepreneurial passions into real-world actions. Business Training Pro has a vast array of tools and support structures that are very effective and they bring energy, a laser focus on YOU and a no-nonsense approach. Their business knowledge and coaching techniques far surpass other types of coaching I have experienced. The value of having them on my team has been really amazing. They will challenge you in many ways. The results and gains you can make are very real. I am now crafting the life and business that I was meant to have and to do. My sincere thanks and appreciation to Julian and his team!”

- Kevin M. - Sniff Research

“I had 33,000 unopened emails, I was 18k in debt and I hadn’t taken a paycheck from my company in 6 months. I was living in survival working odd serving jobs to make ends meet. I was able to scrape together enough money to afford this coaching, and within 3 months, I had secured a dream job, negotiated a 5 figure exit and put together an actionable plan to pay off my debt. Now a year later, I have more money than I ever have had, replaced myself off the front lines, and feel more confident than ever in the direction I’m going. This confidence has spilled over into my personal life and relationships.”

- Harrison S. - Singer Advertising Inc.

“Working with these great people has helped my life upgrade profoundly! From the first session until now has been consistently getting me to a more fulfilling life! Thank you!”

- Joshua A. Highland Custom Builders